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Playa de El Espigón at 7 pm in july
The province of Huelva has a generous sandy coast within 120 km range from the River Guadiana which separates Spain from Portugal to the mouth of the Guadalquivir in the Natural Park of Doñana. Known as the COSTA DE LA LUZ Huelva coast beach offers different options depending on taste: beaches about props, more or less accessible, more or less reported, but all with an excellent quality of water and sand, to the point that eight of them have the blue flag. : Matalascañas the beach of Torre de la Higuera, Moguer, Mazagon, the Parador in Punta Umbria and El Portil in Ayamonte of Punta del Moral, Isla Cristina in the Central Beach and La Gaviota-Punta del Caiman. In addition the province gives the visitor an added value, since one of its main attractions is the existence of the Basilica of the Virgin of El Rocío in the village that bears his name and belongs to the municipality of Almonte. This bathes the surroundings of a folkloric tradition, folklore, religion and cuisine that make it unique in Andalusia.

The village is located 11 km from the beach Matalascañas, which is the most crowded of the whole province, but has become a benchmark for many vacationers, as the rental of houses, and stay in hotels are much more accessible in the summer and offer the charm of staying in a magical and full of content, apart from enjoying stunning views of the marshes of the Doñana Natural Park.

Matalascañas offers an attractive family holiday indisputable, as the beaches are well equipped and provide many services, apart from having good access and a boardwalk that goes almost from the village to which end the developments in the Doñana National Park.

At that point is where you enter one of the most interesting beaches in the province as they walk you step into 20 km of beach to face with San Lucar de Barrameda. It is a protected area, which is obviously a virgin beach, without equipment, and they convert on a beach free of crowds and where you can practice nudism. It also happens the other side of Matalascañas, in what is known as as "Cuesta Manelli," but in this case access is a bit more complicated because you have to descend a fairly steep stairs.

Following the A494 road 30 kms from Matalascañas MAZAGÓN is reached, which has a beach and offer similar accommodation to Matalascañas, but adds the services of a marina from which you can play variety of water sports. To this we must add the particular attraction of the Parador is located beachfront in the municipality, and is a lovely opportunity to enjoy the coast of Huelva. The beach is open to the general public, is one of the most valued.
Moving the capital of the province to the west, we have the beach of Punta Umbria and El Portil. The first part of an old fishing port, now a shipping point also in the city of Huelva, Seville and many who enjoy the weekends. These are the same Andalusian neighbors who have shaped almost PORTIL that new space is built up of developments in the real estate boom of early 2000. A few miles away, very interesting is the Playa del Rompido, located on an island of sand, which is accessed by a boat, and you can be absolutely virgin beach. Many of the great hotels of the coast (THE STRONG BEACH) will take you directly to the island with their own boats.
Another group of beaches blessed by nature are going along the coast between La Antilla and Ayamonte. The first urban beach is 3km from belonging to the municipality of Lepe, all good props, good access and parking. Beside Islantilla is recognized with the Q for Tourist Quality and highlights for a more sustainable development than its neighbors. Also boasts having the largest golf throughout the province. Already on the border with Portugal, we find Isla Canela, which is the beach of Ayamonte, with quality tourism and beaches with little sea depth and very distant from the shore, ideal for families with small children. Has a major golf course, hotel level, and the fun that gives liveliness of Ayamonte with extensive trade and professional and quality catering.

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