MSC Cruise OPERA damaged in the Baltic

5/16/2011 05:59:00 a. m.

PUBLIC MIRROR program of Antena 3, led by Susana Griso, this morning reported on the status of passengers on a cruise of MSC, THE OPERA, which was damaged and adrift for four days on a tour of the Baltics. "Four days without seeing land, without electricity or water in the cabins, " said a passenger in a communication to your live this morning. "the elevators did not work to move through the nine levels and the situation was serious for people with reduced mobility,"added the tourist Raquel. He further stated that they were not brought food to the rooms. Alfonso says news that the company is not on the phone and refers to a statement that has not happened. The Spanish passenger on board had reported that 2500 passengers and 1000 crew, but notes that the company tried to disengage the passage, and have negotiated with German and English out of the situation .. The captain refuses to join the Spanish, "says Rachel, " do not give complaint form, because the ship is Panamanian flag, but the travel contract is signed with an Italian company.

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